3 Keys to Winning in DSD

This past weekend was one of my favorites: Opening weekend in the NFL. Every year 32 of our most passionate cities focus their attention on their favorite teams. I happen to root for “America’s Team”- The Dallas Cowboys. However, the most interesting game I watched was the game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns. Every fan in America on Sunday (those not in a Steelers jersey) were hoping the Browns could finally win a game. It was not to be. Why? Because football requires 3 keys aspects of a winning team. A good offense, stingy defense, and consistent special teams. A win for the Browns came down to the most overlooked aspect: Special Teams.

What happened you ask? Unfortunately, the winning field goal attempt in overtime was no good, and the Browns are still in desperate need of a win.

This reminded that the same is true in direct store delivery. To have a winning DSD team, you need 3 key components:

  1. Choosing the right operating system: In a recent blog we discussed the advantages of both iOS and Android. Every day, customers are looking to retire Windows mobile and gravitating towards these preferable options. As discussed previously, each has positive features and benefits for manufacturers and distributors. It is also prudent to remember that both iOS and Android require some important considerations. Once you have chosen the right OS for your operation, you have a great quarterback and your DSD team is driving down the field.

  2. Choosing DSD Hardware: Rugged vs Consumer: In a previous blog, we touched on the movement to retire those old hand held “bricks” in DSD. Driver/operators are more technical than ever. The new generation of driver/operators already carry a powerful device in their delivery truck every day. In fact, many DSD manufactures have a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy for their independent distributors. This can really help drive driver engagement and lower hardware costs in DSD. Now you have your motivated and stingy defense Your team is looking good. The final piece of a strong DSD team is the ability to accurately and reliably DEX in your most profitable retailers. Your team needs to DEX consistently without errors or long delays to win the game of direct store delivery. So, it’s up to your DEX special teams to bring it home. And what will you need? NO DEX ERRORS.

  3. Choosing the “Winning” Wireless DEX Adapter: The DEX transaction needs to be consistent every time for driver/operators. Fast and reliable DEX transactions assure that the invoices are properly transmitted and received by both retailer and supplier. Consumer devices allow you to avoid the flimsy, fragile DEX cables that have plagued drivers and manufacturers for years. They are easily broken, lost, and are expensive to replace. A distributor with a wireless DEX adapter that connects to your operations consumer devices through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), will ensure the manufacturer wins every DSD visit.

Finally, of course a team is only as good as it’s coach. The driver/distributor. It is the independent operator that executes the DSD play to perfection. They are the reasons we have our favorite items readily available in our favorite stores every day. Thanks Coach!

Tell us what you see as the keys to success in DSD? What part of your DSD operation is executing flawlessly? What part needs a pep talk? Are your special teams pulling through a consistent DEX transaction without DEX Errors? Share your game day stories.