DSD 101: What Are The Benefits of DEX for Direct Store Delivery?

DSD 101: What Are The Benefits of DEX for Direct Store Delivery?

In my last blog I discussed “What is DEX?”. To recap, this question grew from my participation in the New Venture challenge EMBA program at Robinson college. I am pleased to share that it was a valuable experience to work with a team of talented and motivated individuals. Naturally, during our work session the conversation turned from “What is DEX?” To “Why DEX for DSD?" So, this week I think we need to share the benefits of DEX for direct store delivery.

So why DEX?

It is win-win for key stakeholders in the DSD game. Retailers and suppliers both benefit from the DEX standard discussed in earlier blogs. The DEX standard allows for the parties to communicate electronically, and reduce the number of paper invoices and the handling of these invoices by multiple employees within their respective companies.

Retailers may offer the supplier desirable delivery windows or times for utilizing the DEX standard. This can include priority at the backdoor receiving area over other suppliers that do not utilize DEX. In certain stores it is mandatory that the supplier have DEX capabilities for DSD.

Some benefits of DEX:

  • With Android and iOS, DEX EDI (electronic data interchange) happens in seconds.

  • DEX can be done on cost effective android/iOS consumer devices.

  • Reduction of invoice errors for the retailer and supplier.

  • Reduced delivery times in the retailer's receiving area.

  • Updated DEX software solutions are easy to implement.

  • The DEX standard is cost effective to implement.

We would love to hear from the drivers/distributors that utilize DEX every day. Tell us about your experiences in stores that do not utilize DEX. What are some of the challenges you face in those stores?

What are the benefits you experience everyday with DEX in DSD?

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