DSD 101: The Technical Aspects of DEX

During a work session I had with a highly talented group of of EMBA students, I was asked about the technical “stuff” related to a DEX transaction between a retailer and supplier. They were feeling better about What DEX Is, but still needed clarity on the DEX session itself. So, I thought it would be valuable to discuss the record types and elements of transmitting DEX.

A DEX session is really quite simple. The supplier and/or independent operator transmits a record with products, quantities, prices, and promotions into the retailer system. The retailer accepts the transmittal and makes any necessary changes, then sends acknowledgments or adjustments back to the supplier in a retailer specific DEX record. The retailers record can be sent back and forth multiple times between the two parties if necessary to reconcile the transaction.

The DEX record for both supplier and retailer are unique and each have elements that define the transaction. There are high level elements that identify the supplier and the retailer, so everyone knows with whom they are communicating. There are elements for the DEX transaction that allow for identifying the beginning and ending of invoices. There are also detail level elements that define products, quantities, prices, and promotions. The details of all these elements that comprise the DEX information contains multiple fields that may be mandatory, optional, or conditional on other elements or field. This is usually retailer specific requirements.

Last note. The good news is a DEX transmission is built in a human readable format, and not encoded in a binary file or encrypted. So, if an individual knows what they are looking at, you can read the DEX field and pick out each element.

DXS*1234560000*DX*004010UCS*1**P ST*894*0002 G82*D*26158359*123479788*228*999929477*LOC1*20080904 LS*0100

G83*1*1*EA*001414150212****35.18**PRODUCT 1 G83*2*1*EA*001414100937****35.18**PRODUCT 2 G83*3*3*EA*001414100572****5.87**PRODUCT 3 G83*4*3*EA*001414100578****5.87**PRODUCT 4 G83*5*6*EA*001414100581****5.87**PRODUCT 5 G83*6*12*EA*001414100677****1.03**PRODUCT 6 G83*7*12*EA*001414100971****1.03**PRODUCT 7 LE*0100

G84*38*16552 G86*1D78 G85*2022 SE*15*0002 DXE*1*1

DEX transaction experts wanted! Tell us what you know about the technical side of DEX.

What are some of the reasons the DEX process can be interrupted?