DSD 101: What is DEX?

Not too long ago, our team was asked by a large manufacturer to help them eliminate the costly DEX errors their wholesale distributors experience during their direct store delivery activities. As a new hire to Gimme and the industry, I furiously researched DEX for DSD. And what did I find?

Not the help I was looking for.

So, it occurred to me that others may be searching for the same thing: What is DEX, and what are the benefits of DEX?

After doing more research and asking a lot of questions. Here is what I found:

What is DEX? Well, DEX (Data Exchange) is a form of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) used in Direct Store Delivery (DSD).

DEX/UCS is the standard used by many food and beverage retailers, such as grocers, when receiving products directly at the retail location. The supplier’s system and retailer’s system exchange information when the product is delivered to ensure that invoice quantities and prices in the two systems reconcile.

What are the benefits of DEX? DEX allows the retailer to receive the distributor invoice electronically at the time the product is delivered. Additional benefits include:

  • Elimination of the time-cost of manual data entry

  • Elimination of data input errors

  • Timely, accurate inventory

  • Rapid invoice processing times

  • Checking of pricing, quantities, and authorized products

  • Receiving priority for distributors

If this was helpful let me know, either by commenting here or reaching out on social media. If you are a retailer or distributor that is an expert in DEX, then we'd love to learn from you. What else should we know about DEX?

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