DSD Solutions - Who are the User Buyers?

In a recent post, we discussed “Who are the key buyers?” of DSD solutions. This first chapter in our buyer journey, focused on the technical buyers in a supplier organization. Our next buyer is a customer segment I met with not long ago, during a customer visit with our VAR (Value Added Reseller) partner. During this visit, it became clear that end user decision makers are heavily invested in the efficiency and performance of their DSD operations. I left this meeting recognizing the important role this buyer has in ultimately choosing a DSD solution provider. This includes both the software and the hardware used daily by the drivers.

Today, I want to turn our attention to the more vocal buyer in the process. The “User” buyer is often the COO, VP Operations, VP Sales, or is in a similar role. User Buyers are primarily driven by performance metrics – particularly in increasing sales, productivity, efficiency, consistency, and employee satisfaction. User Buyers want to optimize work force efficiency and motivate their workers. Giving their workforce the right “tools” to do their job is their goal. The User Buyer often turns to the Technical Buyer for help in a crisis, especially when business is increasing and hiring more staff is not an option.

User Buyers wants and needs include:

- Adopting DSD solutions based on user (staff & drivers) feedback.

- Pilot opportunities: prove the solution prior to purchase.

- Solution is easy to learn and easy to use.

- Solution drives KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)

- Keeps users focused on work completion, not tech disruptions.

- Solutions that reduce “paperwork”.

- Solves common DSD pains such as DEX Errors.

- Solution is cost effective and future-proof.

What has been your experience recently with a “User Buyer”? What was most important to this customer? How did you meet their needs? What else should we know?