Enhancing Your DSD Operation

Enhancing Your DSD Operation

In our previous discussion we discussed the inefficiencies of the DSD process, and the financial impact it can have on both retailers and suppliers. It is clear when you talk with DSD route supervisors and driver/operators that the “old” ways have got to improve. Retailers are rating suppliers on the efficiency of their DSD operations and the success rates of their DEX solution. In fact, it is believed that more than 10% of DSD invoices contain discrepancies. This has a direct impact on the efficiency and profitability of a manufacturer's direct store delivery activities. The need is evident. DSD must become more efficient. Let’s explore how we can get there.

Enhancing DSD Efficiencies

Components of the innovative new DEX solutions available today include powerful tablets and smart phones utilizing both iOS and Android systems, mobile printers, scanners and chargers; secure wireless Bluetooth connectivity devices; and efficient new information management software.

How big a difference can enhanced process efficiency make? Through the use of efficient, automated connectivity and check-in processes, stores and carriers can reduce DSD receiving time by 60 percent. Other key DSD and wireless DEX benefits include increased profitability and revenues, reduced operational costs, improved inventory turns, and more.

Equally important, new DEX technology will not become obsolete any time soon. With DEX, equipment manufacturers have created a uniform electronic code that enables retailers and operators to add new features to their systems for many years to come. Once an operation’s information management systems are organized to support DEX, the company will be able to take advantage of future DEX-based benefits.

What ways has your DSD operation improved efficiencies? How have you improved the DEX process? Let’s share.