Giving Thanks for Our DSD Independent Operators

Giving Thanks for Our DSD Independent Operators

Last week many of us were fortunate enough to take time away from our jobs to be with family over the Thanksgiving holiday. For our family, we finally had the opportunity to visit the Turks/Caicos resort that had been on our wish list. The Thanksgiving holiday comes with a long weekend and plenty of leftovers. While on vacation, I started thinking about a conversation I had recently with an independent direct store delivery operator. He was kind enough to let me work along side him to better understand the everyday asks of working and owning a DSD route. This particular individual has been doing this route for over 30 years. It was very clear to me early that morning (around 5am) that his customers truly valued him personally and professionally.

Our day started with Keith sharing with me that it would be a long day, due to the fact he was taking off Thanksgiving, and did not want his customers to be without product. This made me curious about his plan for taking time away. Then I asked a silly question for a DSD route business owner: “How do you take a week of vacation?” This made him laugh and respond: “I don’t take vacation”. It reminded me that the shelves in our favorite grocery stores and convenience stores do not magically replenish their products. Thanks to Keith and the thousands of DSD operators across the country, we can make that last minute run to the grocery or C-store on a holiday.

On my way home following the field visit, I asked myself if the new software and hardware options available for DSD operators could help. In fact, my discussion with Keith led to a conversation about new DSD mobile route accounting software, and how he may be able to save up to 2 hours each night on paperwork. These new software offerings could hold the key to Keith finally taking a vacation!

Finally, a very hearty thank you to my friend Keith at Mooresville Ice Cream company for a great day of learning and sharing.

DSD operators: When was the last time you took a week long vacation?

Manufacturers: Could updating your DSD software/hardware give your driver/operators the best gift of all this season… Time! Let’s discuss how operators and manufacturers are trying to get more efficient in their DSD operations.