DSD Solutions - Who Are the Key Buyers?

DSD Solutions - Who are the key buyers?

Recently, I have started to meet with a sales leader new to direct store delivery. He has just started working for a technology company that is entering the DSD world. I had built a relationship with his organization on the hardware side, and he and I have agreed it can be mutually beneficial for us to compare notes once a month. I have found that I enjoy sharing the DSD market and customer knowledge I have acquired over the last year. In fact, like many of us, I have been pleasantly surprised by the value I have received from our discovery meetings. Our last discussion focused on suppliers, and who are the key decision makers in an organization that utilizes direct store delivery. It got us talking about who are the buyers in DSD?

Let’s talk today about the Technical Buyer- (CIO, VP IT). Technical Buyers are concerned with integrating and supporting all elements of the DSD solution. They will examine how well each solution element performs and how well it ties into existing systems. They will want to be sure there is a clear path for installing and supporting the solution. Technical buyers will be very concerned about compliance with industry standards, data and network security, system reliability, ease of deployment and management, and the ability to support potential needs (future proofing).

Technical Buyers are concerned with:

- Confidence that the DSD solution will be reliable and accurate.

- Meet all current and future industry standards. Future proof.

- System can be easily deployed and managed from the field.

- Should they be an early adopter, or wait for the technology to be proven.

- Having a stable DSD mobile solution that doesn’t overburden the IT department. - Network access and security.

- Cost of the hardware/software. Upfront and Annually.

Are you a Technical Buyer at a CPG retailer? What should we know about your concerns? Have you had success selling your DSD solution to Technical Buyers? Tell us how!