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100x more robust than its predecessor.
2+ year battery life.
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Rugged Exoskeleton

The Gimme Key Pro uses a combination of A838 anodized aluminum, an audio plug with strong M8x1.25 thread mounting, and a deeply-knurled combat polymer. We also integrated an attachment point into the exoskeleton to make it simpler to connect carabiners and key rings.

A838 Aluminum Alloy

Our unique aluminum alloy blend offers unmatched strength, durability, and dimensional stability. That’s probably why interstate guard rails use a similar mix. The Gimme Key Pro is nearly impervious to corrosion and withstands the highest operating temperatures of any other die-cast alloy.

UL94 V-0 Combat Polymer

To permit wireless communication, we took inspiration from a famous firearm manufacturer. We picked a UL94 V-0 rated combat polymer, then designed a custom knurled texture that nearly triples the topographical surface area and considerably enhances the Gimme Key Pro’s strength and rigidity.

100x More Robust Audio Plug

The most critical component that affects durability in the real world is how the male audio plug attaches to the chipset. In almost every direction of applied force, we designed a solution that is well over 100x stronger than its predecessor. A heavy-duty M8x1.25 pattern threads the male audio plug directly into the exoskeleton. The internal components are isolated from external stresses with a shock-absorbing flexible connection that captures both sides of the board.

ARM Cortex-M4F Processor

We upgraded the brains of the Gimme Key Pro chip with a more powerful ARM Cortex-M4F processor. It’s up to 46% faster to accomplish tasks and go back into a low power sleep state. That translates to years of battery life under daily use while never once charging it.

Years Long Battery Life

We use a 1000 mAh lithium battery to power the Gimme Key Pro. Depending on the number of daily DEX file transfers, the Gimme Key Pro lasts for 2+ years... without ever needing to charge.

Extreme Ruggedness

We chose all materials for ruggedness, and the Gimme Key Pro can operate in temperatures from sub-freezing to 122F. When it’s not in use, it survives an even more punishing range. We maxed out its IEC dust and particle protection rating at a perfect 6 out of 6 and a high 7 out of 8 in water protection, demonstrating the ability to withstand 3 feet of water for 30 minutes.

A838 Aluminum

die-cast anodized alloy

UL94 V-0 Rated

combat polymer for flammability

Heavy-Duty M8x1.25

thread mounted audio plug

2+ Year

battery lifespan via
1000 mAh lithium battery
(varies based on usage)

0°C to 50°C

operational temperature range

-40°C to 85°C

storage temperature range

+/- 10,000 Volt

ESD protection

BLE 5.0

Bluetooth Low Energy compatibility

IP67 Rated

environmental protection
dust: max
water: 3ft for 30min

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